Implementation Planning (IP) Dashboard i

A place to keep project related documents such as TA plans, past SPF reports, community readiness Reports.

Implementation Planning Dashboard Key

- Current Year Interventions
- Update Implementation Progress from Part E
- Comments (unread comments - )
- MDS Data - (progress evaluation data)
- View or Print Implementation Profiles
- Submitted
- Under-Review
- Approved
- Returned for Revisions
Create an IP
On the IP dashboard, create one IP for each of the contracted interventions. Complete Parts A-E.

No dot indicates the IP is in progress.

During this time managers and other administrators can view the IP development progress.
Step 1
Submit IP
When the IP is complete, click the submit bottom on the toolbar to the left.

A black dot indicates the IP has been submitted.

Once submitted, providers will not be able to make changes to the IP.
Step 2
IP Under Review
When admin has accepted and started the review process.

An orange dot indicates the IP is under review.

During the review process, providers can not make changes to the IP.
Step 3
IP Approved
The IP can be approved or returned for revisions by an admin.

A green dot indicates the IP has been approved. A red dot means the IP has been returned for revisions.

If returned, the IP can be edited and resubmitted.
Step 4

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